Social and Political Stress

Additional Specialties

I offer supportive therapy to social activists. We cannot separate our emotional stumbling blocks from the events taking place around us. Work struggles, social competence and relationship issues are also specialties of mine. 

Dreams and the creative process can be important; I sometimes use writing, art and meditation. Frequently I'll teach Mahayana and Theravada meditation concepts to people wishing to deal with anxiety in a more natural way. I work with many people who are recovering from childhoods that involved addicted or mentally ill parents and am familiar with 12-Step philosophy; I can provide emotional support to those engaged in the recovery process.


People with various gender variance issues can explore these in a safe, nonjudgmental space. I support transgender people on their journeys and am a supporter of all queer people. This is also my community.

My Experience

A graduate of Columbia University's School of Social Work, I have been in the field for over twenty years. I also have several years of advanced training. In addition to my private practice, I have worked for a Union, Directed a Psychiatric Day Treatment Program, worked with disabled children and their parents in Early Intervention, and with people with intellectual disabilities and psychiatric illness. I began an Animal Assisted Therapy Program at the League Treatment Center in Brooklyn. At Cabrini Hospital's Day Treatment Program I initiated their first Sobriety and Eating Issues Groups. I have been a member of Social Workers Advancing the Human Animal Bond. 

Creativity and Politics

Craftivism and London

I encourage exploration of such things as Craftivism, originating in London by the Craftivist Collective. I love their Craftivist Manifesto. This is a photo taken recently by a friend and colleague, Nicky Cockett as she was walking by Mayow Park, London, SE26. Nicky is a Physical Therapist and expert knitter.  (Quotation in photo is from Jo Cox, a former MP in the United Kingdom).


Obviously books can help get us through those times when we are terrified and feeling alone. Although Audre Lorde is no longer with us, she is an important person for all to be aware of.  She was a brilliant Black activist feminist lesbian poet. Her work may be the most powerful and masterful writing of our times. Especially strong and inspiring are Between Ourselves and From A Land Where Other People Live.  If you're wondering, Callen Lorde Community Health Center is named for her and Michael Callen.  This is a health center targeted to the needs of New York's LGBT communities. 

Marcia Chatelain, PhD, is one of the founders of Black Lives matter. Check out her website for all her publications and her podcast.

Bryan Stevenson is another hero. Check out his organization, Equal Justice Initiative, read his book, Just Mercy, and listen to his Ted talk.