Therapy Dogs

Animal Assisted Therapy Dog Handler

I received my Animal Assisted Therapy training in 2002 from the group HART Programs, Inc, directed by Diane Pennington and Lisa J. Edwards. Lisa is now a best-selling author (A Dog Named Boo), and has her own training center called Three Dogs Training. Therapy dogs are trained to encourage an environment of trust and reassurance. Animal Assisted Therapy is known to boost self esteem and provide a sense of well-being. One current high quality group is Alliance of Therapy Dogs or

The Dogs

The world is filled with so many homeless dogs. I'm a firm believer in rescue, as my three dogs are. Twinkle Toes, Olivia and Kes are here to do the work that only dogs can do. One very good rescue group is Badassbrooklynanimalrescue


"Terry's dogs have made it so much easier to explore tough issues."

"When Twinkle climbs on my lap and cuddles up to me, my stress melts away."